Bradford Renaissance

Renaissance Program Application

(Print the form below, fill it out, and submit it to the Scheduling Office)

Name (Print): ____________________________

Student ID number: ______________________

Graduating Class of :______________________

Advisor: ________________________________

Advisor Room Number: ___________________

I have hereby read and understand that by signing this document I have made a commitment to academic excellence. I agree to follow all procedures outlined by the Renaissance program and understand that if I fail to qualify for Renaissance for two quarters of a Renaissance year, I will be dropped from the program and able to reapply once my status has improved. I also understand that I will be notified of my application status and will be given three days to retrieve any corrections from my teachers and return them to the Attendance Office for verification.

By signing below, you indicate that you have read and agree to the above statement.

Your Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________________

Office Use Only

Date Received ____________________________


Any full-time Bradford student who wishes to be considered for the Renaissance program must complete and return this application to Scheduling Office by September 13, 2006.