Bradford Renaissance

What is Renaissance?
Renaissance is a nationally recognized program that focuses on and emphasizes academics and academic excellence by raising the academic profile and making standards consistent from high school to high school within the district.

What benefits does Renaissance offer?
Renaissance targets student attendance and overall academic performance, and then recognizes students for achievements earned during a Renaissance year. Recognition can include some or all of the following: academic letter, medal, certificate, Renaissance reception, gold star, VIP parking stall, Renaissance Platinum Gold Card, Premier Hall Pass, Excused College Visit Days, and Renaissance Scholarships.

How are students recognized?
Each year, students are recognized for only the highest category of Renaissance for which they qualified during the four quarter period. Recognition will take place annually during fourth quarter and all awards are absolute.

Can a student be dropped from Renaissance?
If a student fails to qualify for Renaissance, they will be notified and given three days to retrieve a correction for verification. Students who fail to qualify for Renaissance for two quarters of a Renaissance year will be dropped from Renaissance and given the option to reapply once their status has improved.

How does my student apply for Renaissance?
Students apply for Renaissance using the application form found on this pamphlet. Students will automatically be notified of their application status once accepted into the Renaissance program. Once an application is received, Renaissance automatically tracks students quarterly.

A Renaissance Year consists of the 4th quarter of the previous year and quarters 1-3 of the current year.

Renaissance Criteria