Spy Yearbook

Students take photos, write body and caption copy, and learn the art of selling ads to various Kenosha businesses. Desktop publishing skills are taught and students learn how to use Photoshop and InDesign software. In Yearbook Layout and Design students have the same opportunities offered to those students in the regular yearbook class. They also build templates for the next school year's yearbook.

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We are not ordering as many extra yearbooks this year, so it is crucial that students buy a yearbook from either Mrs. Smith in room 113 or on the Jostens website.

Books are $65.00.


The SPY Page

This page will contain information about Bradford's very own yearbook. Here you can inform yourself on the yearbook's useful information, upcoming events, and release dates.

Mission Statement

Yearbook is completely web based. We do a quality, 200+ page yearbook and get it to the students before they register for the next school year.


Ellie Smith

SPY Release Dates

Yearbook 1997-1998: October 17, 1998: Theme: EYE SPY

Yearbook 1998-1999: October 16, 1999: THEME: DEVIL OF A TIME

Yearbook 1999- 2000: October 21, 2000: SPY2K


*The SPY yearbook is well known for receiving awards. For the past 10 years, SPY has received the " All American " award.
 *The 1998-1999 was chosen to be used as a national "sample" yearbook.

So make sure you keep undated with one of the country's best yearbooks. Year by year, they specialize in up to date designs, infromatic editorials, and the bomb sponsors. The memories will last forever with the SPY

How to Join

See Mrs. Smith in Room 133

If you have comments or suggestions, email us at BHS_Devils_Advocate@excite.com