Bradford Activities

The Bradford Student Goverment
Celebrating 86 Years of Student Government

"Leadership is action not position"


Student Goverment Officers:
President- Oliver Debe
Vice President- Ali Khaleel
Secretary- Amy Slanchik
Treasurer- Elisha Wheeler
Historian- Kaitlin Leary

Kindness Breakfast...

What we Do

The Bradford Student Goverment is the direct link between school administrators and student.
The student Goverment was created to provide better communication between the faculty and
staff, as well as improve the general welfare of teh student body, the Bradfor Community, and all of Kenosha.


The Student Council meets every Wednesday morning at 6:55 am in the Study Hall Room.

How to become a Member

To become a member, you must obtain 25 student signatures and 5 teacher/counslor signatures.
You will have to turn in this form in order to be a part of Student Goverment


Elections April 3 - May 4

Hygiene Drive End of April - beginning of May

Open Forum during advisory May 22