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Bradford Tennis Tips - Doubles

How to Employ Tactics in Doubles Tennis

Employing good doubles tennis tactics means understanding the game as a whole as well as specific practice.

  • STEP 1: Get to the net as often as possible.
  • STEP 2: Be aggressive.
  • STEP 3: Move with your partner in a parallel motion on the court, to avoid crossing over each other.
  • STEP 4: Stay within one zone of your partner. The tennis court has the following areas: the A zone (the net), B zone (midcourt) and C zone (baseline).
  • STEP 5: Occupy the A zone as often as possible.
  • STEP 6: Cover your own lob, to avoid crossing your partner.
  • STEP 7: Take the lob in the air.
  • STEP 8: Be at the center of the service box on your partner's serve.
  • STEP 9: Be on the service line, slightly closer to the center of the court, when your partner is returning serve.
  • STEP 10: Try not to hit to your opponent's net person.
  • STEP 11: Hit down the center as much as possible - it's your safest shot.
  • STEP 12: Try to get your first serve in. To do this, hit your second serve style (e.g slice, topspin or kick) as your first serve, if necessary.
  • STEP 13: Work on your crosscourt shots. You have to hit these all the time in doubles.


  • Practice your serve and volley. You need to be able to use this skill, no matter what your level.