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Bradford Tennis Tips - Grips


How to Hold a Tennis Racquet With a Continental Grip

This is the most universal grip. In fact, Continental means all-around grip. It was once known as the Aussie grip. This grip is used for any shot, although it is mostly used now for the serve and volley.

  • STEP 1: Put the racquet in your hand, purpendicular to the ground
  • STEP 2: Place your hitting hand on the racquet, as if you are shaking hands.
  • STEP 3: Study the racquet handle. It is eight-sided: four sides are flat; four sides are beveled.
  • STEP 4: Place the index finger's base knuckle on the top right bevel. The side of the thumb should be resting along the back of the racquet, or, the opposite side of the grip.
  • STEP 5: Make sure the second and third fingers are slightly separated.
  • STEP 6: Test the grip by bouncing a ball on the bottom edge of the racquet frame. It should feel as though you are slicing the ball in half.


  • Give yourself time and practice if you are attempting to use this grip to serve, especially if you are transitioning from using another grip.
  • Be aware that the Continental grip (also called the service grip) will allow your wrist to snap through, whereas other grips do not allow this to happen.