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Bradford Tennis Tips - Grips


How to Hold a Tennis Racket With a Western Grip

This is the most extreme grip. It is used predominantly for forehand topspin groundstrokes, and by advanced level players when they move to the forehand. It was originated by Bjorn Borg, who used it to produce extraordinary topspin.

  • STEP 1: Study the racquet handle. It is eight-sided: four sides are flat; four sides are beveled.
  • STEP 2: Hold the racquet in the Continental grip.
  • STEP 3: Move your hand to the right, so the palm of your hand is under the bottom flat of the racquet grip.
  • STEP 4: Keep your fingers together, just as you would in the Eastern and Semi-Western grip. To check if your grip is correct, hold the racquet in front of you. The racquet hitting face will be pointing to the ground.
  • STEP 5: Use quick, upward motion when you play with a Western grip.


  • Understand that this grip requires a lot of wrist strength. It is not for the average tennis player. Some will find it uncomfortable.
  • Use this grip if you are a baseline player who does not change grips a lot. It is not the grip to use for a serve and volleyer.