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Bradford Tennis Tips- Singles

How to Keep Score in Tennis

Basically, tennis scoring proceeds from love to 15 to 30 to 40 to game. Why, then, are some games so long?

  • STEP 1: Note which player is serving the game. The server's score is always announced first.
  • STEP 2: Watch for whom the first point is made. A player loses the point by missing the ball, hitting it into the net or hitting it out of bounds. A server loses the point immediately if he or she double-faults - fails to hit the ball in the service square after two attempts.
  • STEP 3: Announce the score if you're serving. The first score is 15. A score of zero is "love." If the server makes the point, the score is "15-love." If the other player makes the point, the score is "love-15."
  • STEP 4: Note that a player must be ahead by two points to win the game. If the game score progresses to 40-40, or "40-all," a player must gain the advantage ("40-ad" or "ad-40"), and then score the next point to win the game. If the player with the advantage does not score the next point, the score goes back to 40-all.


  • One person serves an entire game.