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Bradford Tennis Tips- Singles

How to Practice Tennis Etiquette

Much of the etiquette surrounding tennis is rooted in the honor system, and in the sport's high level of sportsmanship.

  • STEP 1: Read and follow the specific rules posted at the tennis site.
  • STEP 2: Bring an extra racquet and a new can of balls, anticipating broken strings and lost balls.
  • STEP 3: Don't interrupt games on neighboring courts for any reason. Wait until a point is over to walk past a court or retrieve a ball.
  • STEP 4: Wait until your opponent is ready to receive before serving.
  • STEP 5: Call a "let" if a ball from another court interrupts play.
  • STEP 6: Make all line calls promptly and accurately; never challenge a call made by your opponent or partner.



  • Being courteous to neighboring players and opponents can only add to the enjoyment of your tennis match.