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How to Equip Your Tennis Bag

A well-equipped tennis bag prepares you for any situation on game day or at practice time.

  • STEP 1: Invest in a good bag. A special tennis bag, which looks like a rectangular duffel bag, allows you to pack rackets and other equipment without the racket sticking out.
  • STEP 2: Pack at least one extra, well-strung tennis racket.
  • STEP 3: Include at least one new can of tennis balls.
  • STEP 4: Remember to pack first-aid equipment, such as adhesive and elastic bandages and a dry-ice bag.
  • STEP 5: Pack extra T-shirts and a towel.
  • STEP 6: Include a water bottle, energy drink, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • STEP 7: Put in extra wristbands and a hat or other headgear.
  • STEP 8: Include an extra pair of shoelaces, just in case.
  • STEP 9: Consider including a pack of vitamins and some snacks.


  • Use only a specially designed tennis bag when you travel, so expensive rackets are not a visible target for thieves.
  • Make sure your bag has a separate compartment for sweaty clothes or shoes.