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Bradford Tennis Tips - Strokes

How to Hit an Overhead in Tennis

'An overhead should be hit with authority and needs to be practiced, so therefore it's a finishing shot. Hit it once and have it be the final shot. It becomes more important to know and learn in advanced doubles.

  • STEP 1: Recognize the lob shot coming.
  • STEP 2: Put both hands up high.
  • STEP 3: Turn the shoulders, and therefore the body and feet sideways immediately.
  • STEP 4: Run back if you need to, or shuffle forward.
  • STEP 5: Point your left hand straight up to the area where the racquet will contact the ball.
  • STEP 6: Keep your eyes on the ball, and look over your left shoulder at the ball.
  • STEP 7: Hold your racquet head in a compact, service orientation, "back scratch" position. Your elbow need not be completely folded.
  • STEP 8: Hit up on the ball, and allow the arm to be totally flexible so your wrist will snap.
  • STEP 9: Keep your hands soft, and bring the ball abruptly down.
  • STEP 10: Finish on your front foot if possible.


  • Follow through with some flair, since you just won the point (provided you hit the overhead correctly).
  • Stay relaxed and keep your hand, wrist and arm soft to avoid injury.