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Bradford Tennis Tips - Strokes


How to Hit a Tennis Ball with Topspin

'A topspin groundstroke allows you to hit the ball higher over the net. And yet, due to the physics of the spin, the ball will drop in and not go out. It keeps your opponent back further in the court.

  • STEP 1: Hold the racquet with your normal grip, but the more extreme topspins work best with the semi-western or western grip.
  • STEP 2: Take the racquet back and drop its head down.
  • STEP 3: Hit the topspin with either an open or closed stance.
  • STEP 4: Hit up on the ball finishing high, and out over the opposite shoulder, moving the racquet from low to high.



  • Visualize 'brushing up' on the ball as you hit it. The spin is caused by the angle of the stroke.
  • Buying a good rough string or a custom hybrid stringing can enhance the ability to hit the ball with spin.