Counselors' Corner

Greetings from Ms. Wabalickis,

Welcome to Bradford High School. The Freshman Academy team takes pride in helping Freshman transition successfully into high school. As the Freshman counselor it is my hope that your child will have a wonderful experience and leave their freshman year with the tools to achieve success during their academic career.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns: or 359-5915.

How can you and your child access our services?

  • Students can walk in to meet with their counselor.
  • Students can sign up for an appointment and will then receive a pass or will be called to meet with their counselor.
  • Students may directly email their counselor.

How can I help?

Counselors provide support to students in three areas:

  1. Academic/Educational: Counselors work with students, parents and faculty to develop a plan that meets a student’s academic needs and interests. Counselors work collaboratively with other professionals to identify barriers and assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties.
  2. Career/Vocational: Counselors assist students in the development of plans for post high school training and education.
  3. Personal/Social: Counselors assist students in dealing with challenging life situations which may impact their success at school. Counselors work closely with other student support staff in addressing these issues.


Freshman Academy Counseling Program

Individual Planning

During Semester One, counselors will get to know the freshmen through a Freshman Interview. During the interview, counselors discuss post high school plans, goals, clubs and sports offered at Bradford, WISCareers(a free career and college search engine), graduation requirements and tips for freshman year.

During Semester Two, counselors meet with freshmen to review their EXPLORE test results (standardized test taken in November of freshman year), review course selections for 10th grade year, and identify career areas of interest.

Link Leaders

All freshmen will work with a Link Leader, an upper class mentor, during the first day of school and throughout the school year.  Link Leaders are trained to guide students through their first year of high school.  Link Leaders share information about their experiences in high school and participate in social and academic activities with their freshmen. Each freshman is linked to a mentor to ease the transition from middle school to high school.

Academic Skills

Bradford Resources

Study Tips

Time Management

Learning Styles

Organizational Skills

Goal Setting

Test Taking Strategies

Personal/Social Development

Stress Management

Suicide Prevention

Peer/Family Relationships

Decision Making

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

Cultural Diversity

Career & College Planning

Career Clusters

e-Portfolios (located on the WISCareers website)

Lifestyle Values

Work Values

Career Paths

Employability Skills

Jobs of the Future

Job Application Process


Financial Aid

Registration/Course Selection