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Library Policies and Procedures

Library Hours


Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

to be in the library at anytime of the school day


and leave your pass at the counter.

no phone

In accordance with KUSD policy:

Electronic devices, such as cell phones and mp3 players, will be confiscated if seen or heard.

sign in

Other important things to remember:

  • ID's must be worn & visible and are required to check out books
  • No food or drink anywhere in the library
  • Speak softly
  • Be courteous and respectful to staff and students
  • Students need to be doing school related work or reading

Computer Use

  • Sign in using your
    Username: Student ID number
    Password: ID number or one you created

  • Make sure to quit out of all programs after use
    Safari - Quit
    Word - Quit
    Google - Quit
  • Make sure to LOGOUT before leaving this public computer


PC Lab:

  • Sign in using: username - student ID# then password - student ID# or one you created
  • Make sure to close all programs after use
  • Make sure to LOGOUT before leaving this public computer


  • download computer programs
  • play games
  • use chat rooms
  • disrupt network operations
  • access other user's files or accounts
  • change default settings of the computer


Check out duration

  • Books - 3 weeks
  • Magazines - 1 week
  • Equipment - 1 week
  • Reference Books - 1 day
  • Nook Checkout - 3 weeks


There is a 7 day grace period for overdue materials (reference books and equipment have no grace period).

After 7 days:

  • Book fines are 5 cents per day
  • Magazine fines are 5 cents per day
  • Equipment fines are 25 cents per day
  • Reference books are 25 cents per day


Equipment check out can require additional forms and information before approved. Please check with library staff about requirements.

  • Laptops
  • Digital Flip video cameras
  • Nooks